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HayaData is a system for integrating different kinds of information about students and providing meaningful insights to teachers to help them be more aware of student needs. Regular data like attendance and grades is compared with student feedback on classes and the system's app presents insights to teachers in the form of cards they can swipe left or right to indicate if they were aware of the information and thus giving the system additional feedback. I developed the concept for Hayadata as part of the MindcetX R&D program, where I spent 6 months doing extensive user research, interviews with teachers & students, prototyping, user testing and piloting. Here are some key moment in the process and the final presentation at the center for educational tech:

The teacher's card interface concept was piloted together with the student feedback for a whole week! I collected the data and designed daily cards (as seen below) to send the teacher every morning. The pilot was a big success :)

HayaData UI.jpg
HayaData UI.jpg

Here's the presentation I gave at the end of the MindcetX program:

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